Working with Be Informed – by Johanna Curiel


Easy breezy layout switch using Be Informed
Here at BearingPoint Caribbean we work with the Be Informed business process platform. One of the things I like most about it, is the easiness with which you can switch your web design layout. In a traditional web development, layout is defined by a set of style sheets, also known as CSS. But changing your web design in Be Informed is like changing your shirt; just take it off or put it back on. If you like one style more than the other, just switch from layout plug-in. The layout plug-in contains predefined set styles. It is a ready to use package. That’s why Be Informed has named this component the ‘r2r’ (ready-to-run).

In traditional web development, we must first define which file or stylesheet is used. This is more like changing your hair color. When changing your hair color, you need to do some radical treatments. Unlike shirts, you cannot just take it off and put it on. The advantage here is that all these stylesheets are contained and set in a package which makes it possible to switch from one to another.

Here is an example on how you do this in Be Informed studio:


Example 1: Changing the layout in Be Informed


example 2

Example 2: Changing the layout in Be Informed

You go to the preview of the web application and just by selecting the available ‘layouts’, you switch from different styles. Easy right? You should try the same with traditional web development…!

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