Winners Challenge 2016 – Boy Körver and Vaya Vos

How often do you enter a competition and really expect to win? Not many of us. But Boy Körver and Vaya Vos decided to try and triumphed. Last May they entered the BearingPoint Caribbean Challenge 2016. This annual modelling contest for students is not just any lottery where we give away prizes. Contestants really have to work hard and earn their prize. During the 3-hour competition, contestants are challenged to build a working application using business rules. Boy (Applied Physics) and Vaya (Mathematics) both came out on top and were given the ultimate prize: an all expenses paid trip to Curacao for an exclusive in-house week hosted at our headquarters. They are now halfway through their week and we’ve asked Boy and Vaya to share their experiences so far.

First Days

Boy: “The first few days at the BearingPoint Caribbean office were useful to experience the social ambiance between the colleagues and to get an idea of what a day at the office looks and feels like. So far to me this seems to be a combination of working seriously and fun conversations with any colleague.”

Vaya: “My first few days in Curacao and at Bearing Point were amazing. The temperature is nice, the surrounding is nice, the people seem nice and there is plenty to do. At BearingPoint the atmosphere is very friendly and pleasant. I’ve learned a lot about the company such as the way they function as a team. How they work seriously but still have plenty of fun with each other. That they are expanding their target audience, and how they handle their marketing on Social media and more to achieve their goals. How they take really good care of their current and future employees. I have also learned a lot about living in Curacao. People here tend to spend more time outside rather than at home. Fruits and vegetables are rather expensive and don’t have a stable price, while meat comes in a lot of variety and is super cheap. And overall, life here could be a tiny holiday every weekend.

Studies vs. Practice

Boy: “The subjects of my current master program Applied Physics of course differ in many ways of the domain of application development using the Be Informed platform. However, the analytical thinking and the abstract problem solving skills learned during my studies are required to be a successful Business Process Modeler.”

Vaya: “I believe that the ability to tackle and solve problems systematically and logically is one of the abilities we’ve gained throughout our studies. This is my conclusion so far from my current experience working with the Be Informed platform practice projects, the Challenge and previews of the work the people at Bearing Point. This ability proves to be useful for this line of work. A little basic in programming is also helpful.”

Best learnings

Boy: “One of the most interesting things I’ve learned so far is the fact that people seem to treat each other in a very friendly way and that they are very interested in each other, both ‘on the street’ and at the BearingPoint office.Since I like to be active and I like football, joining the BearingPoint football team for a friendly match on Wednesday evening was the most fun thing I have done so far. On one hand it was nice to practice one of my favourite sports on the island of Curacao with local people. On the other hand, seeing colleagues work together in an active way gave me insight in the way people spend their time after work”.

Vaya: “I have had so many nice experiences in the past few days that it’s hard to say what I find nicest. So I’ll just name a few that has left a really good impression on me. I had my first snorkel dive ever and it was amazing. Eventually we came to a spot where tons of fish would just eat bread out of your hands and swim around you. I had a really nice night out to a place where they only played music for salsa, bachata and kizomba and everyone was actually dancing. I even got to dance with the dance instructor who made me feel like I was a professional dancer while I can only do the basic steps. It was also very nice to see the employees of BearingPoint in and out of work setting”.

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