Winner Challenge 2016 – Vaya Vos


Vaya Vos is one of the two winners of the Challenge 2016. She entered the annual BearingPoint Caribbean modelling contest last May without any expectations to triumph. But little did she know that she was able to build an application using business rules during the 3-hour competition. Her efforts were instantly rewarded when she won an all expenses paid trip to Curacao for an exclusive in-house week hosted at our headquarters. Now that Vaya is back in  the Netherlands, she reflects on here experiences here at BearingPoint Caribbean.

First contact

A little bit more than a week has passed by since my adventures in Curaçao with BearingPoint. But really, my adventures with BearingPoint started a lot earlier than just the In-house week. Back in March 2016, I got to interact with employees of BearingPoint for the first time. At the time I was rather worried and insecure about my future. What do I want to do after graduation? Am I good enough for any jobs out there?  BearingPoint welcomed me to their world with open arms. I did not know anything about them, but they had been very willing and helpful in giving me a realistic view of the company. I cannot say that I have been the most active student on the lookout for jobs, but in my limited interactions with different companies, BearingPoint stood out to me. BearingPoint was the only company that made me feel comfortable, reassured me that my capabilities were enough and made me feel wanted. They were exceptionally willing to put in effort to show me more of their way of work, even before the In-house week. Initially I found it hard to understand why they invested in me, partially due to my insecurities, but also because things just seemed too good to be true.

The Challenge

Ultimately, I decided to take a more in-depth look at BearingPoint by joining their Challenge.  In the week before the Challenge took place, we got handed out some practice material to get to know Be Informed platform. I very much enjoyed going through it, but it was hardly a complete guide to Be Informed. I was left with so many questions. “What if I want to do this? Or that?” It certainly made me more curious. I have to admit that I felt pressured from myself to perform well during the Challenge. I did not want to disappoint the people of the company who have said positive things to me and presumably believed I could manage the task they presented us with. During the first 30 minutes of the Challenge I did not know how to solve the posed problem by using Be Informed, at all. As I felt like giving up, I reflected on the reason I was there in the first place: to see for myself what the work at BearingPoint was like and if I was actually up for it. I left behind the pressure to perform and started on a mini quest to find out as much as I could on Be Informed functionality. This turned out to be best decision of the day, since it converted the previously impossible Challenge to a stressless, enjoyable puzzle. As I went through the partially constructed application, I got to learn a lot about how Be Informed operates and even managed to win the Challenge, earning myself a free In-house week to Curaçao! It all adds up to the whole “too good to be true” image I’m having with BearingPoint.



The In-house week

The In-house week has been amazing. There was a perfect balance between leisure time and business time and both were equally pleasant and educational.  The previous winner of the Challenge has a blog post that perfectly depicts what you can expect during the trip. I personally learned a lot about the company, their employees and the overall positive atmosphere there. While life in Curaçao is still a big mystery to me, I managed to get a sneak peek of it. In general it was very reassuring for me to know the company has aspiring plans for the future and is very cooperative in practical matters, such as moving new employees to Curaçao.

Final thoughts

At the moment, everything still feels too good to be true, but I am very happy I got the opportunity to visit Curaçao and meet everyone. It might not help the indecisive me to decide to work for BearingPoint just yet, since there naturally remain doubts and unanswered questions. But when I do choose to work for BearingPoint, at least I have a better view of what I would be choosing for.

If anyone ever gets the opportunity to participate in the BearingPoint In-house week, I can highly recommend to actively participate in everything they come across. Mix in as much as possible and never be afraid to ask for more information anywhere. Try to see as much as you can and bring sunglasses and sunblock 😛


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