Winner Challenge 2016 – Boy Körver


Boy Körver is one of the two winners of the Challenge 2016. He entered the annual BearingPoint Caribbean modelling contest last May and managed to build an application using business rules during a 3-hour competition. The ultimate prize? An all expenses paid trip to Curacao for an exclusive in-house week hosted at our headquarters. Now that Boy is back in the Netherlands, he looks back at an incredible week!

The Challenge

The story starts with my decision to compete in the annual BearingPoint Caribbean Challenge. A few days before the Challenge took place in Rotterdam, I decided to give it a go and I signed up for it. After a nice phone call with Shadee, recruiter at BearingPoint Caribbean, I got all the information and files to prepare for the Challenge. I put some effort into getting familiar with the Be Informed program with the available exercises, something I strongly recommend to anyone who is going to compete, since it is the basic of being able to understand the case during the Challenge. The case on the Challenge day was fun to do and gave a small glance at the type of work is done at BearingPoint. Of course there were enough opportunities to talk to people working at BearingPoint before and after the Challenge. I didn’t expect that there would be two winners and so hearing that both Vaya and I would go to Curacao was a big surprise!

The island life

After communicating by e-mail when we were able to go to Curacao, we picked a date and so on August 13th 2016 we arrived at Hato International Airport in Curacao. Annette welcomed us warmly and immediately gave us a small tour around some parts of Willemstad. During the rest of the In-house week activities around the island and days in the office alternated. This program was a good balance of getting to know the life on the island and getting to know the working environment at BearingPoint Caribbean.

The activities on the island included a snorkeling boat trip, a kayak tour and a buggy tour and were all fun experiences. My tip for any next winner of the In-house week would be to enjoy these activities to the fullest while keeping the eyes and ears open to check out what life on the island is about outside the BearingPoint office.



Days at the Office

The days at the office we again got a warm welcome, now from many other BearingPoint colleagues. After the handshaking during the office tour we had our first of many to come meetings. During this and all other meetings we got a lot of information about the different subjects BearingPoint is involved in. These conversations were also used to ask any question that came up in my mind that was related to working and living on Curacao, and of course all question were answered. I think this is important for anyone visiting a company, especially abroad: take the unique opportunity to ask questions!

Last but not least

During the In-house week I got answers to a lot of these questions from different sources such as BearingPoint colleagues, locals not working at BearingPoint. The In-house week was the ultimate opportunity to gather close to all information to answer do I want to live on Curacao and work at BearingPoint? Coming weeks or months I will take the time to consider all aspects of answering this question, to be continued…

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