Winnaar Challenge 2015 – Matthijs Kieskamp (part 2)

Matthijs Kieskamp visited our offices on Curacao as part of his prize for winning the Challenge 2015, our annual modeling contest. See here how his week progressed.

Matthijs: “Wednesday was a BearingPoint day again, starting with a technical session with Be Informed specialist Michelle. She showed some projects she worked on in the past and described the average day of a modeller at BearingPoint. I finished the morning with a session with one of the Directors, Peter. He described the strategy of BearingPoint, where they stand, how they position their products and where they want to go in the future. This was immediately followed by a presentation of Sijme, the in-house UX (user experience) designer. He presented some important design elements, greatly improving UX. In the afternoon, I had a meeting with Michel, in which he described some successful or current projects of BearingPoint, in which the Be Informed platform was able to make a difference. We closed off the day with a lovely seaside dinner, trying to process all the information I got that day.

Thursday was a sightseeing day again. We started with a breakfast on the beautiful beach of Porto Marie, while at the same time enjoying the sun and the sea. The road there led past a flamingo area, roaming wild flamingos is not a sight you don’t see often from your car. In the afternoon, BearingPoint had booked us a trip that took us past various highlights on the island. First, we visited the ostrich farm, complete with guided tour. Next to the ostriches and emus, the farm had an odd combination of pigs, crocodiles, chickens, while at the same time we met an enormous amount of wild iguanas that roam the countryside. A tour through the Hato caves marked the end of our trip, where we saw beautiful rock formations but also got to know a less pretty side of the history of the island.


Friday marked the final day at BearingPoint. Dennis, the Business Intelligence (BI) expert, showed me how they perform BI at BearingPoint and what solutions they offer their customers. Carel showed me that testing software is more than just clicking buttons and see what happens, testing is a very important step in quality management of any software! Lunch was arranged with Franco, the final Director that I had not spoken yet. He happened to have done the same study as I’m doing, also at Enschede, so a lively comparison of his study years and mine was the result. Finally, to finish the week, we are invited to join a BearingPoint employee event, Toga den Kaya! Dressed in a toga we all roamed the streets of Willemstad, while getting to know everybody in a more informal setting. I’ll keep you posted on how that went ;)”.


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