Winnaar Challenge 2015 – Matthijs Kieskamp (part 3)

The Inhouse week 2015 has come to an end. Matthijs Kieskamp, the winner of our modeling contest (Challenge 2015) visited the BearingPoint offices for a week filled with getting to know our colleagues, our projects, but also to do some sightseeing on the island. Read his third and final post on his experiences during the Inhouse week. 

DSCN0441“I’m currently at the airport waiting for our plane to take us back to Amsterdam. The last few days have been a blast! As expected, the Toga den Kaya was very amusing. Seeing the entire BearingPoint staff dressed in a true Greek toga (after meeting them past week dressed in business attire) was quite hilarious. Even the directors joined in. Like a true pub-crawl, we visited various bars in downtown Willemstad, to great entertainment of each other and bystanders.

The next day (our final day here) we decided to follow up on the tips we got from everybody from BearingPoint on what we definitely should see for our last day on Curacao. We started with a visit to Boca Ascension, a gorge on the eastern coast where regularly sea turtles can be seen eating, laying eggs and relaxing. It was very special to see these beautiful creatures swim out in the open! We then continued our tour towards the ‘Grote Knip’ beach, a place where the locals go to relax, relatively unspoiled by tourists. We finished the week with an excellent diner in Willemstad. Sipping our wine, we had a lot to discuss and process from this week full of impressions on this beautiful island.

My image of BearingPoint has changed completely during the Inhouse week. To be honest, before I had the idea that BearingPoint was ‘just another small-time software company’ with not very impressive products, only situated on a tropical island. But as it turned out, I was wrong.
The company consists of a large group of ambitious professionals. Literally 95% of the employees have a Bachelor or Master’s degree at a Dutch university, which says something about the level of work. There is a pleasant office environment where everyone works hard. And the products they offer are very current and really make a difference. The Dutch tax authorities for example, fully rely on the BearingPoint systems for the taxation on Bonaire, where it does everything from calculating assessments up until the very last notice. With BearingPoint’s current focus, ambition and work ethic, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that within 10 years we in the Netherlands will be doing our tax returns in a system of BearingPoint…”

The Challenge will be back in 2016! Want to know how you can participate and maybe become the next winner? Stay tuned for our updates. For more on the Challenge, click here.


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