Winnaar Challenge 2015 – Matthijs Kieskamp (part 1)

Challenge_winnaar_2015_Matthijs_KieskampMatthijs Kieskamp is visiting BearingPoint Caribbean as part of the Inhouse week. As you may recall, Matthijs won the Challenge 2015, a modeling contest for students with a background in computer science and/or software engineering. During the Inhouse week Matthijs will blog about his experiences at our offices and on the island of Curaçao.
Matthijs: “After a comfortable 9 hours flight, Managing Director Henriëtte Sangers picked us (me and my girlfriend) up at the airport. It’s not every day someone that ‘high up’ takes time on his or her free day for something like this, it was a first indication of the pleasant working atmosphere at BearingPoint. The hotel proved to be a paradise with a lovely pool, palm trees and a talking parrot. A good start for the week! The rest of the Saturday was pretty uneventful, due to a killing jetlag…

The next day, we used our car to explore the island, enjoying the scenery and get a general feel of the island. In the evening we visited Willemstad, to see the beautiful buildings, walk across the famous Queen Emma Bridge and enjoy a tasty meal of local delicacies.



Monday morning I was welcomed at BearingPoint, and what a warm welcome it was indeed. After a short talk with Henriëtte, Annette took me on an introduction tour across the company. Meeting over 80 people in 30 minutes means a lot of faces and names, but every room I entered I was welcomed sincerely. The rest of the day was filled with getting to know the technology BearingPoint uses to perform its magic, of course with an excellent local lunch in between. In the evening, we were invited to go dining with the Challenge winners of two years back, Michelle and Thomas. This was an excellent opportunity to ask them how they experienced their move to Curaçao.

The Tuesday was filled with sightseeing again, but this time under water. BearingPoint booked us a boat trip, complete with BBQ and snorkelling sessions. The sea life around Curaçao is very rich and this tour was an ideal way of exploring it”.

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