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Working in the Dutch Caribbean

Are you curious to know what kind of career you can expect on a tropical island like Curacao or the rest of the Dutch Caribbean? While the islands offer lots of sunny beaches and plenty of cocktail hours, there is so much more to it. Because of its strategic geographical location, with direct links to the Netherlands and strong ties to the USA and South America, the Dutch Caribbean are the preferred hub for international businesses and the world’s leading institutions.

The Dutch Caribbean are known for their well developed financial services sector, bustling ports, major regional shipment and telecommunication centers. The workforce is highly educated in either the Netherlands, Europe or the USA . Dutch, English and Papiamentu (the local Creol language with its heritage taken from Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Dutch and West Africa) are the official languages of the islands. In addition, Spanish is very widely spoken. The islands still incorporate many Dutch elements (from grocery products to the legal system – which is based on the Dutch legal system), making it a recognizable and familiar environment for Dutch students.

So don’t let the cocktails fool you; this challenging environment with a well-equipped infrastructure and up-to-speed with the latest technological developments can offer you the type of experience you are looking for. The competitive setting, combined with a highly skilled and multi-lingual workforce ensures that you can benefit from the best of all worlds.


Get to know the Dutch Caribbean

Interested in spending a couple months on one of the islands? We’ve listed all you need to know here. Download our Checklist for Interns for a handy list of all the documentation you need before you come!

Housing & Transport

There are student residencies on the islands, where students and interns can rent rooms for the duration of their stay. With the islands’ hot temperature and irregular public transport, you’ll need a car to get around on the island. Most interns choose to rent a car for the duration of their stay.


The weather in the Dutch Caribbean is warm and sunny all year round. The average temperature is 31°C during the day and 26°C at night. The rainy season lasts from October to January. In these months you can expect rain showers often.

Fun stuff

You’re not only here for work: there’s also time for play, and boy, is there fun stuff to do. For the adventure seekers, a sailboat trip to Klein Curaçao or a hike in the Christoffel natural reserve is possible. If dancing is your thing, you can rest assured that it’s always happy hour somewhere on the island. In the city center, and in several air-conditioned malls there are shops galore. And for you beach nuts? Have a rest on your sunbed at one of the 38 beaches on the island.

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