BearingPoint Caribbean Challenge

The BearingPoint Caribbean Challenge

The BearingPoint Caribbean Challenge offers a talented student with the best skills an opportunity of a lifetime: an all expenses paid trip to our office on Curacao. All you have to do is enter our yearly Challenge, a modeling contest for students with a background in computer science, mathematics, software- or computer engineering . The winner will get the chance to know our diverse team and learn more about their challenging roles during the Inhouse week. And while you’re here, discover the beautiful tropical island that is Curaçao.

Winners Challenge 2018

In 2018 we hosted the Modeling Challenge as a 2-day event at the University of Twente and Leiden. Æde Symen Hoekstra and Hermes Spaink came out on top! These winners will be joining us very soon for the Inhouse Week 2018, where they’ll visit Curacao, our office and tour around the island.

Challenge 2018 Twente
Challenge 2018 Leiden

Winner Challenge 2017

Sebastiaan van Didden signed up for the Challenge 2017 at the University of Delft. At the end of the day he passed the Challenge with flying colors. In september 2017, Sebastiaan visited our office for the Inhouse Week 2017. During his stay, he shared his experiences of visiting our HQ and island in this blog.

Inhouse Week 2017

Winners Challenge 2016

Boy Körver and Vaya Vos are the winners of the Challenge 2016. During an exciting 3-hour competition, they managed to build the best working application using business rules. They visited the BearingPoint headquarters in August for a week long stay.

Boy and Vaya haved shared their experiences of the Inhouse week 2016 in a series of blogs. Read more about their Inhouse week here and find their individual blogs here and here.
Watch this recap of the Challenge 2016 for an impresssion of the contest:

Winner Challenge 2015

Matthijs Kieskamp is the winner of the Challenge 2015. Read more about his experiences with the Challenge and the Inhouseweek on his blog.

Winner Challenge 2013

Thomas and Michelle, the winners of the Challenge 2013, not only won an amazing stay on Curacao, they ended up with the ultimate prize: a job offer. How did they do it? Read Thomas’ story here and Michelle’s story here.

Or take a look back at our Challenge in 2013 in the video:

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