Software development at BearingPoint – By Johanna Curiel



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Hi guys,

This is my first blog for BearingPoint Caribbean. As a developer, I promised that I would inform you about my work at the company, but I also want to write about one of my side projects, such as OWASP.

In a cyber world where hackers and fraud are part of the daily news, you might wonder how these ‘hackers’ do it and what the highest risks are in implementing software that secure against attacks. This is where OWASP TOP 10 comes in very handy. Indeed the OWASP top ten is one of the most important projects where multiple volunteers around the globe help to maintain (including myself as OWASP chapter leader for Curacao) by providing the IT community with detailed information on what the hottest vulnerabilities are. Right now I’m working on the Code Review guide and a revamp of the Cheat sheets. These sheets are a quick guide about the vulnerabilities mentioned in the OWASP TOP 10, but in more detail. Part of our collaborators come from companies such as Google, Mozilla, Amazon etc.This information is of great help to the IT community. It’s a united effort against the bad guys in the cyber criminality!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with part II.

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