Article #1: Five things you will learn when moving to Curacao!

moving to curacao

Yes, finally! The deal with BearingPoint is signed, sealed and delivered! You can count yourself in as the newest addition to the BearingPoint Caribbean Family! After various of contacts with recruiters, hiring managers and lastly our HR Manager, your contract is finalized and you have an estimated time of arrival! But then reality kicks in…. Oh wait, I need to start organizing EVERYTHING to facilitate the move!
Don’t worry, these thoughts are not as new to us. As we deal with these questions on a regular basis, we thought of lessons learned and we would like to share them with you!

1. The flight
Patience starts right here. Well, it’s one of those things you’ll learn during your dwelling on the island. You’ll get a grip of it though. Anyways, back to the flight. It’s a long flight to Curacao. Between the 9 -11 hours to be exactly, not even mentioning possible delays or transfers. See where patience comes in? Amongst all the tourists, business people, locals, interns & students, you need to find your inner peace and hit the RELAX button! How? Here’s a tip; make sure you’ve downloaded a few of your favorite episodes on Netflix! But most importantly, try to get as much sleep as you can! Trust me, you will need it! If you don’t want to sleep though, try getting acquainted with other people that are also awake. Chances are you’ll be seeing them again on the tiny paradise, we call Curacao!

2. Shipping
We understand you have grown fond of your belongings and leaving them behind can be just heartbreaking. That’s why we will help you a little along the way. We’ll facilitate a total shipment of 12 m3 when you move to Curacao. Because new beginnings feel best with cherished items!

3. Housing
Finding housing can be a challenge in Curacao. What’s your budget? There is housing for every liking! So ask yourself a few questions: Do you want to rent or buy? Do you prefer living in a gated community or is just in a random neighborhood? Here’s a tip: don’t organize long term housing from the Netherlands. Pictures on the internet can be rather deceiving and you can get disappointed upon arrival. Just take it one step at a time and decide on your favorite living location when you’re already on the island. You will be able to gain much better understanding about the local market. But we don’t want you to rush into decisions. We will offer you free housing for the first month. This will give you sufficient time to look around for your perfect home. Happy house hunting!

4. Transportation
Public transportation can be a bit of a challenge on the island. I mean everything is possible, but remember the patience part? Busses won’t ride on fixed times, so you might be waiting too long for your liking. The most common means of transportation is your own car. Same rule as with housing applies here: What’s your budget? Ask your peers to help you in this process as well. Rule of thumb: I know someone who knows someone that sells a reliable car for the right price. Get the point? And one thing you should really consider is to make sure the car has good air conditioning. Driving in Caribbean weathers are best with cool air ;-). And to make sure you’ll make it to the office on time, we will provide you with transportation for the first month. Safe driving!

5. Legal paperwork
We got this covered! We will provide you with a checklist of all required documents needed in order to receive your “Verklaring van Rechtswege”, which is a legal entitlement to work in Curacao. So, instead of long nights filing paperwork and getting frustrated, you will just focus on packing your suitcases and other exciting preparations! As we say on the Island, “Bai poko poko”; which means: Take it easy, because everything is going to be alright!

Stay tuned for my next blog: five things you will learn when living on Curacao!

For now, “te despues!” (See you later!)

Yolanda de Milde
Senior recruiter, Bearingpoint Caribbean



YolandaAbout the Author: Yolanda de Milde
Yolanda is our Senior Corporate Recruiter. She finished her studies in Social- & Organizational Psychology. During her career, she has gained extensive experience in the field of human resources, international recruitment and employer branding. She combines her strategic insight and functional experience to focus on (employer) branding, complex recruitment issues, headhunting, workforce planning and forecasting.

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