Make your insights count

As an intern you can have real impact on what we do: we value the knowledge and insights that you have gained along the way and encourage you to apply them here.

Graduate with us

We provide final-year students with the opportunity to do research that matters. Come to us with your ideas and we’ll talk about possible final projects.

What to expect

You will work with an ambitious team that’s used to delivering top-notch IT solutions and business consultancy. Become part of a satisfying research project and get to have weekly salt-water dips.


Internship & thesis projects:

Throughout the past years we’ve invested in great thesis projects.


Joshua, Computer Science:

“My assignment is to build a new prototype of an existing  payroll application from scratch using .Net, while maintaining compatibility with data from the older application which was built in Centura. The target customers of the application are large scale organizations, therefore the project  brings with it some interesting challenges to overcome.”

Liza, Business Economics:

“I am working on a business case where I’m expected to design scenarios for a more efficient decision making process. So far my internship has exceeded all of my expectations. I’m given a lot of responsibility, freedom and trust. For example, I was invited to attend a presentation for a client and I was mentioned as part of the team. I also got the opportunity to come in contact with clients to personally fill in a questionnaire that I designed for my business case. These are the things that make my experience at BearingPoint extra interesting and exciting. Because you are included in a large part of the whole process you feel more like a colleague than an intern.”

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