Five reasons to join our team

At BearingPoint Caribbean we combine the best of worlds. While we can name a thousand things why BearingPoint Caribbean is the best place to work for, let us give you the five most important reasons to join our team.

  1. Make the difference. Be the difference.

    We build technological solutions for governments. Our strength lies in understanding the core business of government while enabling information technology to achieve fundamental advancements. So not only do governments experience drastic improvements of their processes, we make the difference because our technology creates solutions for real-world problems. We are proud that our solutions have a profound impact on citizens’ experience and our communities as a whole.

  2. You won’t be stuck doing menial jobs in your first year.

    At BearingPoint Caribbean, everyone is on a level playing field. We offer the opportunities, you have to seize the moment. Show us your ability to learn, suggest better ideas and take responsibility. We value each colleague for their input. We provide the support that’s needed to thrive in a challenging environment.

  3. In the past two years alone our colleagues attended courses in…

    … SQL Query, SCRUM Master, PRINCE2, SAS Visual Analytics, Be Informed Practitioner, Be Informed kennismodelleren. And the list goes on. We at BearingPoint Caribbean work in a fast-paced environment where new ideas and technologies develop rapidly. While our team is very capable of dealing with the challenges this brings, we invest in our people. Training and development are a central part of the job experience at BearingPoint Caribbean. We provide on-the-job coaching, development of management skills and professional talents. This way, our team can constantly bring our clients the innovation that’s needed in this demanding setting.

  4. Who wouldn’t want to live in beautiful weather all year round?

    We live and work in the Caribbean, where we experience a great quality of life. After a tough, but exhilarating day at the office, we get to go home and relax at a white sandy beach looking out to the azure sky. Literally. It is rewarding to combine the best of these worlds. High-class projects and clients on the one hand and a climate that offers plenty of sunrays and promotes an easy going lifestyle on the other. Want to know more? Click here.

  5. Did we mention that we have an awesome team?

    Our people are a world class team. They are ambitious individuals with a real passion for what they do. And while our work environment can be very demanding, we make an effort to have a vibrant business culture that’s in touch with the personal side of life as well. BearingPoint Caribbean has a network of supportive colleagues who value a good work/life balance. It is an essential part of why we are successful in the first place. But don’t take our word for it. Read here about what our colleagues have to say.

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