My favorite IT news sources – by Johanna Curiel



internet developments


The developments within our industry are evolving so rapidly; you have to keep up. So in my spare time I try to catch up and read as much as I can on the latest trends, news and updates.

Here are four of my favorite sources: – This one is one of the best in latest security issues. They are the first one to point out serious bugs and issues in multiple software and hardware devices! Including also which websites have been hacked! – If you want to know where Microsoft is heading and experimenting with, Channel 9 is the first site I go to. All the information is published here, including old videos from the famous TechEd conferences. – I think this is the best blog on MS SQL. If you are looking for solutions for a specific database issue, you have to bookmark this blog. The best specialists in SQL Server collaborate with or contribute to this community. – This is a must for serious developers working with Microsoft technologies. It contains the biggest resource library. Forget about buying books; everything you need to know is right here!

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