The end is near! – by Martine Prins

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After all the great travel and fun I’ve had these past months, it is time to put the information on paper and transform it into a useful manual and thesis. I can already draw a number of conclusions, but that might be premature seeing that I still have to process all the interviews before I can get all the insights. But I have noticed that there is indeed a strong need for a practical guide for the governmental organizations on how to go through and initiate large-scale (IT) projects and how to select consultants for the support of the implementation of these projects. At the moment we are working on shaping the content of the instructions and we’re looking into what templates to use. In the manual, we mainly provide tips and several options for addressing the different components within the process.

There is of course not one solution, but by asking the right questions and explaining the various scenarios, it is absolutely achievable. Now that we have our team gathered, we can start working on the specifics. How will we present the results? What content do we publish and how to select? How do we prepare good usable templates? I’m excited to be part of the team that was specifically assigned to work on this with me. With their broad experience in project management, they are able to provide a realistic picture. In the upcoming months, we will continue to be in contact with a number of clients, to ensure that the final product is in line with their needs. It’s crunching time!  I’ll be sending an update on our progression. Be on the lookout for the end result!

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