Functiepunten Analyse Team – Wie zijn dat?

Geschreven door Carel Schotborgh.    Wat is Functie Punten Analyse? BearingPoint geeft al meer dan 25 jaar ondersteuning aan overheden in het Caribisch gebied. Voor de overheden bouwen, onderhouden, breiden we de gemaakte systemen verder uit en bieden we ondersteuning aan. Met behulp van Functie Punten Analyse wordt een eenheid (de functiepunt) geïntroduceerd voor de…

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The end is near! – by Martine Prins

Read the previous blogposts by Martine here and here.   After all the great travel and fun I’ve had these past months, it is time to put the information on paper and transform it into a useful manual and thesis. I can already draw a number of conclusions, but that might be premature seeing that…

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On the road – by Martine Prins

Read the previous blogpost written by Martine here. Interviews as input for my thesis I have noticed that I have difficulty working with the chosen research method. I am doing open interviews instead of a questionnaire prepared in advance and that takes some time getting used to. Considering that I have only one day to…

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How I became an intern at BearingPoint – by Martine Prins

It all started in Rotterdam at the Erasmus University, where I participated in the Erasmus Star Management Week. I attended the workshop of BearingPoint Caribbean, where we worked on a business case. There I came in contact with Peter Grootens who talked about the internship program. At the time I had not thought about the…

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Working with Be Informed – by Johanna Curiel

  Easy breezy layout switch using Be Informed Here at BearingPoint Caribbean we work with the Be Informed business process platform. One of the things I like most about it, is the easiness with which you can switch your web design layout. In a traditional web development, layout is defined by a set of style…

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