Raising the bar on user expectations: a final reflection on UX design on Curaçao

In a series of four articles I reflect on UX design on Curaçao from my standpoint of a User Experience designer who arrived on the island 6 months ago, from the hustle and bustle of London. It has been an eye-opening and exciting journey so far, and I am excited to see where the road…

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User Experience Design on Curaçao: No need to torture our users

In this third article in my series of reflections on user experience on Curaçao I want to address an obvious but important lesson: let’s all stop torturing our users. Please…? In the previous article I gave some insight in the current state of UX on Curaçao. As much as people can get things done –…

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That nineties look and feel: reflections on UX in Curaçao pt2.

In my previous article I explained how I came to be “a legal alien” as a UX designer on Curaçao – a bit of a new-kid-on-the-block with genuine grounds for being here. Through a series of four articles I reflect on the state of UX in Curaçao as I encounter it in my daily life.…

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User Experience designer

“A legal alien”: Reflections of a User Experience designer on Curaçao

“And you found a User Experience designer job there?” The question was still ringing in my head as I stepped off the plane into the hot evening air of the Caribbean island Curaçao. Not a surprising thing to ask – when someone tells you they are moving to a tropical island, your first thought is…

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Five reasons to join our team

At BearingPoint Caribbean we combine the best of worlds. While we can name a thousand things why BearingPoint Caribbean is the best place to work for, let us give you the five most important reasons to join our team. Make the difference. Be the difference. We build technological solutions for governments. Our strength lies in…

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