How I became an intern at BearingPoint – by Martine Prins

It all started in Rotterdam at the Erasmus University, where I participated in the Erasmus Star Management Week. I attended the workshop of BearingPoint Caribbean, where we worked on a business case. There I came in contact with Peter Grootens who talked about the internship program. At the time I had not thought about the idea of writing my thesis abroad, but it was an opportunity I could not pass on. The next day Peter called, offering me an internship position. Half a year later, here I am on Curaçao.

Martine Besides enjoying the beautiful beaches and the great weather, I am conducting a research on the process that organizations go through when initiating large-scale (IT) projects and selecting consultants for the support of the implementation of these projects. The study has several aims.  I am writing my thesis, which I will translate into a practical guide with templates for this process. Furthermore, this analysis will give BearingPoint insights and input for their strategies. It’s a major task, but also a great challenge that I’m looking forward to.

In the past weeks, we have received a lot of positive reactions from clients who have accepted our invitation to join the research. To me, that’s a sign that BearingPoint has good relationships with their clients, but also it shows the need for this type of research. Scheduling the interviews is a fair challenge given that I’m interviewing clients on four different islands. Yet, somehow I managed.

My first stop is Bonaire.

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